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Every martial arts school, sporting club, health / fitness centre, yoga / pilates studio all have substantial administration management processes. On top of this there are many other functions such as: marketing, memberships, accounting, social media, wages, IT updates to operate a successful business.

We believe you should leave nothing to chance and the best way to do this is use technology and automate the processes. Fortunately, there are a number of management software companies that integrate them and work intuitively to make them easier to implement. By getting all those operational functions in sync you reduce costs and increase productivity and revenue.

ClubManager is a great option because it makes this possible as it’s one of the most innovative software packages in the world with 10 years of operational success. It can be scaled up or down with its functionality to meet any budget.


Book a ‘Zoom Meeting’ to quickly understand how this software creates more Freedom and Profits. 

Full Data Import

Whatever software you are using we can extract that data and populate it in ClubManager for free, quickly so you don’t miss a beat and accelerate your business to the next level

Full class / room booking and scheduling
You will love the fact that your members can use their smartphones or front-of-house kiosk to book themselves into your classes / events. Your staff will love how easy it is to use.

Full marketing suite
Ridiculously powerful SMS, Email Marketing at the touch of a button along with full mail-merge for letters and forms throughout keeping you in touch with your prospects, active members and expired members.

Full Suite KPIs 
You always know exactly how your business is performing, right up-to-the minute. With a full range of retention and marketing tools you have everything you need to get members and keep members

Full ePOS solution
Full point-of-sale solution, either directly on-screen (as part of ClubManager) or on hardware tills. Link purchases with specific members to begin profiling your members' likes and therefore boosting your income per customer

Full entry validation / access control
Maximise your income by monitoring attendance, increasing your retention, calculating peak usage and reducing loss of revenue.

Direct Debits your way - Billing company integration There's no need to transfer your members and suffer the associated loss of income because ClubManager supports several major Direct Debit collection agencies. If you don't currently use a collection agency then we can introduce you to an agency with services to suit your requirements. You control the payment amounts, the occurrence, stop / start processes yourself within ClubManager.

Branded to you
Your new ClubManager account is personalised to the look and feel of your business. All communication includes your name and look and feel and your account is branded to you meaning your customer has a seamless experience.

Get started straight-away with no set-up fees, including training and importing your existing member data. The low monthly fee is fixed meaning that your costs won't suddenly go up when you start gaining new members, add new staff or use new computers / devices. There's definitely no need to buy any hardware.

Get an overview verbally
Call Glenn - 0414 523 553

Club Manager has a FREE Version because it believes in helping businesses to grow and its a form of giving back to those who are starting out.


Low, fixed monthly fee - No set-up fees. - No hidden costs and regular updating of innovative functions
New club! You don't need a lot of features or product support (set up an account for free and go for it).

You can just set up your account (check out the videos for set up / operations) and start using it. When you get to the limit of members in your account, this will signify you are doing well and you then have the option to upgrade to a paid version to access extra features. You can set up your trial with out supplying a credit card and keep using it continuously and you will only be prompted to upgrade if you have gone past your limit. How Cool! 



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Automate – Student fee collections, timetable, class bookings, sms/email reminders/invitations, reporting



Integrates – Billing companies / Website Functions /SMS / Bulk Emailing / Venue Access / Social Media



Mobile App – Run your business in the palm of your hand, let members organise their attendance as well



Manage 2 Way SMS - messages to motivate, inform, upate and to include special offers, limited only by your imagination


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