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Whatever your martial art there are always lots of administration behind the scenes. Mastering your art as a teacher is one thing, mastering your business is a whole different ball game. However, having the right software can not only help you control the administration, accounts, marketing and sales side of the business gives you greater freedom.

Opting for a software that has the ability to automate and integrate most of the club’s functions reduces your costs and increases productivity and revenue. This is where the freedom comes from, giving you more time to do the things you love. This can be made possible by using one of the most innovative software packages,ClubManager and it can be scaled up or down with its functionality to meet your budget and business needs.

With such integrations as SMS, Email, Social Media and Websites you always know your status at anytime in a matter of a few clicks. ClubManager gives you the power to scan across multiple reports so you know how your business is running.

Martial Arts has grown in popularity and in many communities it is being scene under the banner as essential services spending with education and health. Of course in some areas it is still under discretionary spending but it has certainly alowed for more full time centres to open and prosper.

More instructors have been helped to open their schools with professional industry bodies, the main one being Martial Arts Australia. They operate as a One Stop Shop with multiple services and also offer many business resources.



Takes 5 mins - No install needed - No payment details required

Protect Your Club with the right INSURANCE
Manage Your Business with SOFTWARE that has multiple automations and integrations to give you more time.
Collect Membership Fees automatically with the most cost effective BILLING COMPANY and maintain greater retention.
Promote The Business with a functional WEBSITE that gets you found and attracts more customers.

Clubs Managed by ClubManager Software Do It Easier

Looking for an End To End Business Solution just got a whole lot eaiser with ClubManager

ClubManager sign up alerts members automatically if their fees are not paid up to date and can lock them out if that is what you set up for non-financial people.

Checking the status of your members is so easy with other clicks to reveal more personal details when required.

Your POS cash register element allows you to process multiple transactions.

Integrated turnstile access is ideally set for 24/7 gym access with Paxton and other security companies keeping your business automated.

Access on Any Device so you can keep in touch with members from any where at any time.

Integrated - 2 Way SMS - makes life eaiser communicating to members and everything runs smoothly through your Dashboard


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