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Soccer Clubs always have a lot of behind the scenes management. Great coaches and players is just part of the club’s operation as the administration, marketing, memberships and accounting play a major part in the success of any sporting club. Having the right software with the ability to automate and integrate most of the club’s functions to reduce costs and increase productivity and revenue is vital in a competitive environment. This is managed easily with one of the most innovative software packages, ClubManager because it can be scaled up or down with its functionality. With such integrations as SMS, Email, Social Media and Websites you always know your status at anytime in a matter of a few clicks.

Soccer / Football is a simple game. It requires a field, a ball, two teams of players and their equipment, and a referee. The game has a large social following that flows from the club rooms to the local community.

Soccer / Football has limited equipment requirements. However, most teams play in uniforms (shirt shorts and socks) supplied by the local region. Shin guards are mandatory during practice and games. Full-coverage shoes are required, and it is advisable to use shoes designed specifically for soccer. Regions also provide field equipment, such as goals, nets and flags.

The Field
The field is divided in two halves. The centre circle in the middle of the field is used to start the game, to start the second half and to restart after a goal has been scored.

There is a large rectangular area and a smaller rectangular area found at each end of the field. These are vital areas for both teams, and are where penalty kicks are taken. The four corners of the field are inscribed with three-foot arcs where corner kicks are taken.

The Team
A team has a maximum of 11 players on the field at any one time, although a game can be played with as few as seven players on a team. Regions use short-sided teams in younger age divisions. Players get more "touches" on the ball, learn skills quicker and have more fun using this method.

One Goalkeeper - There is one Goalkeeper per team (in U10 & up). The Goalkeeper is responsible for guarding his/her team's goal and preventing the other team from scoring. The Goalkeeper must be identified with a different coloured shirt or a vest over her/his shirt, distinct from all the other players. Goalkeepers may play anywhere on the field but may only use their hands while in their own penalty area. In Region 214, we limit U10 players to two 'quarters' in goal per goal. We believe that specialization in goal-keeping at U10 is inappropriate.

Defenders- The Defender's primary duty is to prevent the opponents from getting a good shot on goal and scoring. A defender also works to gain possession of the ball and pass it to a teammate for an attack.
Midfielders or halfbacks- The Midfielders plays a transitional game from defence to offense and vice-versa. There can be "Offensive Midfielders" who play closer to the Forwards and "Defensive Midfielders" who play closer to the Fullbacks.

Forwards- Forwards play closer to the opponent's goal, which is the goal guarded by the opposing Goalkeeper. The Forward's primary responsibility is to score and he/she also assists the mid-fielders from shifting from defence to offense.

There are also 2 special positions that some, but not all, teams use- a "Sweeper" and a "Stopper" - A Sweeper plays behind the Defenders and a Stopper plays between the Defenders and the Midfielders. These positions add additional layers of defenders providing a defensive strength in the Centre of the field.

Basic Soccer Skills
Playing soccer involves several basic skills: passing/shooting, dribbling and controlling (or trapping) the ball. These skills can be learned at any age, and a good soccer player works continually to improve them.

Passing is kicking, pushing or heading the ball to a teammate or to a space where a teammate can run to the ball. A player may lightly tap the ball to a teammate several feet away or kick it strongly to move it down the field. The ball may scoot along the ground or may be kicked into the air. Most players use two types of kicks to pass to a teammate or shoot towards the goal. One is the instep drive which is a powerful kick.

The other kick is called a push pass. Performed using the inside of the foot, the push pass is much more accurate than the instep drive, but is less powerful.

Dribbling is transporting the ball under control from one area to another. Soccer players cannot use their hands. Players dribble the ball with their feet, using light taps on the ball to move it along the ground.

Controlling (or trapping) is stopping the ball in flight or on the ground, and then controlling it by either dribbling or passing the ball to teammates. There are many ways to trap a ball: (1) allowing it to hit the chest at an angle that deflects the ball to the ground where it can be controlled; (2) allowing it to hit the thigh or bent knee to deflect the ball to the ground where it can be controlled; or (3) using the foot to stop the ball.

Heading is unique to the game of soccer. When a ball is too high to kick, players "head" the ball to pass to a teammate or score a goal.


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