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Athletics is the collective name for multiple sporting events that involve competitors running, throwing, walking and jumping. The roots of athletic events are prehistoric, with ancient communities competing with each other in various running, jumping and throwing events.

Athletics Clubs require lots of administration management due to their being multiple discplines. They also need multiple coaches and players as part of the club’s operation. Having the right software with the ability to automate and integrate most of the club’s functions to reduce costs and increase productivity and revenue is vital in a competitive environment. Manage your business easily with one of the most innovative software packages, ClubManager can be scaled up or down in functionality. With SMS, Email, Social Media and Websites integrations you always know your status at anytime in a matter of a few clicks.

Athletic events were prevalent in the ancient Olympics in Greece, starting originally with just a running race and gratefully expanding over time to include various running, jumping and throwing events. To this day, success at the Olympic Games is still seen as the pinnacle of achievement in the sport of Athletics – although there also World Championships and various national and continental championships both indoors and outdoors.

Object of the Game
The objective in all athletics disciplines is to win the event. Depending upon the event, this involves running or walking faster, throwing further, jumping higher or jumping further than your competitors. For decathlon and heptathlon events which feature multiple athletic events, the objective is to collect as many points by performing as well as possible in each separate event.

Players & Equipment
The basic equipment for athletics consists of a vest, shorts and training shoes. Some events require specific pieces of equipment as follows:
• Pole Vault: Pole
• Shot Put: Shot
• Discus Throw: Discus
• Hammer Throw: Hammer
• Javelin Throw: Javelin
• Hurdles: Hurdles

The only events in athletics that have any sort of scoring (in the traditional sense of the word) are decathlon and heptathlon. Because these are multi activity events, competitors are awarded points for their performance in each event. At the end of the competition, the athlete with the most amount of points is awarded the gold medal.
With all other events, there are no points. Everyone is ranked on how fast they ran/walked, height or length they jumped or how far they threw.

For running and walking events, this involves completing the race in the quickest time possible. For throwing events, it involves throwing the furthest and, in jumping events, it involves jumping further or higher than your competitors (depending upon the particular event). In athletics, winners are given a gold medal, those who are second are given a silver medal and bronze medals are given to those who come third. Those athletes finishing outside of the top three are not awarded.

Rules of Athletics
Each individual discipline has its own specific set of rules and competitors are expected to abide by these to ensure that the competition is fair.



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