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Clubmanager have gone through numerous companies and found the best places for you to find the business resources that will take your business to the next level!
To get a step of your competitors and get a bigger audience reach, we use KAPOW TV and their PROMO VIDEOS. Kapow TV offer a large range of pre-made promotional videos for your gym/club and offer custom created videos JUST FOR YOU! All these promo videos are FACEBOOK marketing ready and can be embedded straight into your website.

Continue reading below for more information or speak directly to Martial Arts Australia (Kapow TV) here: https://www.martialartsaustralia.com.au/tv-video-production/promo-videos



Promotional Videos

Using ClubManager Standard or above we are offering a FREE Promo Video ask us how! If you want more than one you will get further special deals. Great reason to upgrade!

We are very excited to introduce a new service for you that is one of the most powerful ways to sell your business. We have created a library of amazing stock videos that you can use as they are or have them customised to your specifications. With a number of generic promo videos (30-90 seconds), some with partially customised with logo, message, contacts and fully customised ones.

Simply click on one of the video snapshots below and continue through to the MARTIAL ARTS AUSTRALIA website, see a preview of the video (Left) and the form (right). Fill out the form on the right, select the chosen video, insert your logo and you're ready to go. We will contact you shortly after that to complete the process. 


PRODUCTION TIME FROM INCEPTION TO DELIVERY We can create and deliver your video generally within 5 days depending on the elements you want to include. If we have to re-shape / optimise images / videos that you have supplied, it takes a little longer. If you have a specific timeline to release your video for a campaign, we will make sure we are there for you.

INSERTING LOGOS We can insert your logo all the way through on a lower third (footer) as well as the contact / call you action piece. Your image will look really good as a clear background (png / psd / pdf / vector file).

CUSTOMISING YOUR MESSAGE You can change your message but please be aware that it is best to make the text short and sharp to obtain the greatest impact. There are various levels of customisation so you can just use our tried and trusted themes with minimal changes, as they are designed to hit the mark with our generic messages and your call to action.

Level 1 Customisation: 
# Chose any generic theme promo video (30 – 90 seconds)
# Insert logo as supplied (for lower third and CTA)
# Contact details (school name, phone, website)
# Special Deal – ‘Call To Action’ CTA (Intro class / Membership etc)

Level 2 Customisation: 
# As above with # Change the text messages

Level 3 Customisation: 
# As above with # Adding some of your own video to be edited into any of our videos

Level 4 Customisation: 
# Using a combination of our videos and yours # Filming elements for one or more videos at your location or in our studio

MAKING CHANGES TO EXISTING VIDEOS PRODUCED FOR YOU: Changing an existing video we have already delivered is like creating a whole new one. Even if you just want to just change your ‘Special Offer’ the process to edit and produce is the same. The cost of this service is based upon your requirements.

Once you have your video Master Piece you need to circulate it and post it everywhere.

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