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Promo Videos To Showcase Your Business

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Promotional Videos

We are very excited to introduce a new service for you that is one of the most powerful ways to sell your business. We have created a library of amazing stock videos that you can use as they are or have them customised to your specifications. With a number of generic promo videos (30-90 seconds), some with partially customised with logo, message, contacts and fully customised ones. Our studio quality generic videos are valued at-

Using ClubManager Standard or above we are offering a FREE Promo Video ask us how! If you want more than one you will get further special deals. Great reason to upgrade!

Select your bundle in the next question. If you selected options in the question before, skip to the end. Video length will vary between 30 - 90 seconds.

# 1 - Standard $595.00 - Non User $895)
Use our stock videos because they are ideal to use straight away as they are themed for gyms, pt studios and martial arts clubs with all the right messages. (no logo inserted)

# 2 - Level One Customisation  $795.00 - Non User $1195)
We can modify our stock videos by inserting your particular logo and your contact details at the end.

# 3 - Level Two Customisation $995.00 - Non User $1495)
We can modify our stock videos by inserting your particular logo and your text messages throughout the video with your contact details at the end.

# 4 - Level Three Customisation $1295.00 - Non User $1895)
We use our in house videos from our extensive library to create your unique story. We discuss what message you want to use and we work the right videos to convey it. We can use a combinations of videos, photos, text and music to delivery the ultimate marketing story to attact more clients.

# 5 - Level Four Customisation  $2595.00 - Non Member $3500)
This is your opportunity to create a 'fully customised' promotional video with our design team. You can either shoot your footage and send it to us or you can come to our studio to film it. We can come out to you and this will be an extra charge depending on location.


Once you have your video Master Piece you need to circulate it and post it everywhere.
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