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Introducing IntegraPay

Simple, innovative payment solutions for your business. Customised solutions for every business size, from one-off payments to complex recurring payments, we will tailor a solution that works for your business. Completely intergrated with ClubManager allowing you to spend more time on what matters!

ClubManager and IntegraPay have created a deal just for you!

As part of our new partnership, IntegraPay have offered to pay 75% of the below package for all new clients using there billing severcie through ClubManager. The package is vauled at $2095!

Read below for more information!


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PROMO VIDEOS - Our ‘Amazingly Powerful Readymade Videos’ work perfectly to capture your target market and influence them to take action!



We have created the most innovative website building software platform that gives you the power to build your website with the marketing / automated & integrated process you need.


Get custom made graphics for your club by our dedicated Graphics Designer that will draw more leads into your club.
These can be added to the end of your promotional video and/or for any use on social media etc

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