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Clubmanager intergrates with a number of billing companies, however we have chosen the best of those so that member/student fee collection is easy and saves you money!
We have a special discounted rate on offer through clubmanager, so please use the enquiry form on the side of the page and find out how easy it can be.

Continue reading below for more information about PayChoice or visit them directly here: https://www.paychoice.com.au/




ClubManager is an innovative Award winning Cloud-Based Member Management Solution that is designed for Gym Owners around the world to assist and enhance the management of the business.
Paychoice integrates seamlessly with ClubManager to provide businesses with an effective and easy way to collect member’s fees, directly through the software

• Affordable payment solutions processed directly through your Club Manager Software
• Real Time Payments and recurring direct debits
• Melbourne Based Customer Service Support
• Local contact to assist every step of the way
• Competitive transaction fees to suit your business
• No Billing set up fees


Having predictable and regular membership payments takes away the stress of maintaining good cash flow allowing you, to do more forward planning for your business. Customer retention is vital and direct debit plays a big part in securing it which is one of the key elements to successful businesses.

Billing Companies this job for you very well because that's what they specialise in? 
Generally, we all ask a friend / business colleague or Google reviews but it is still a bit hit and miss and it doesn't have to be. 

Run a martial arts club / school? Well we can help you with the one of the best providers in the industry. It makes a lot of sense for your software to be integrated into a billing company because it allows you to be in control of your cash flow at any time.

Martial Arts Australia has worked with a number of providers over the past 18+ years negotiating special deals members. Our current deal is truly one of the best in the industry. We are very proud to roll it out knowing, we will be saving some school owners thousands of dollars each month. Check out our deal today!


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