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No and we don't recommend changing suppliers. We support all of the major collection agencies within AUS which means you can manage all of your payments and create Direct Debits right within ClubManager.
There's no need to transfer your members and suffer the associated loss of income because ClubManager supports several major Direct Debit collection agencies. If you don't currently use a collection agency then we can introduce you to an agency with services to suit your requirements. You control the payment amounts, the occurrence, stop / start processes yourself within ClubManager.
Right now, people of all abilities are using ClubManager, one of the best pieces of feedback we get is that ClubManager is so easy to use.
My website? Yes My Direct Debit collection agency? Probably. We support all of the major providers of Direct Debit collection services. My RFID / magnetic / barcode reader? If it is a USB device then it's highly likely it will work straight away My biometric reader? Possibly. Please contact us so that we can find out for you. My turnstile / door entry system? Probably. We support most makes and models of entry systems. Please contact us so that we can find out for you. My hardware till Possibly. We support a number of different 'standardised' tills. Please contact us so that we can find out for you. Another software system I use? Possibly. It's impossible to cover them all. ClubManager has a full range of APIs which allows authorised developers to integrate with ClubManager.
Paying a one-off, up-front fee is an old way of paying for software. By paying a large upfront fee you're purchasing a software system that will be out of date within a year. By paying a very low monthly fee you're paying for a software system that's always being updated so you've always got the latest version and you're not stuck on the 'pay to upgrade' treadmill.
Yes we do. This is online and is free.
Ridiculously powerful SMS, Email Marketing at the touch of a button along with full mail-merge for letters and forms throughout keeping you in touch with your prospects, active members and expired members.
Do you own a computer, smartphone or tablet PC? If so then you're good to go.
You will love the fact that your members can use their smartphones or front-of-house kiosk to book themselves into your classes / events. Your staff will love how easy it is to use.
Whatever software you are using we can extract that data and populate it in ClubManager for free, quickly so you don’t miss a beat and accelerate your business to the next level
The main industries/business that use ClubManager are Martial arts schools, Sporting clubs, Health / fitness centres, Yoga / Pilates studio, however ClubManager can be used by all business, for example, Martial Arts Australia use ClubManager for their membership and database features
Yes, of course, we have a lot of experience upgrading our customers to ClubManager so whatever system you're currently using we will have the knowledge on how to export your data and import it into ClubManager.
Maximise your income by monitoring attendance, increasing your retention, calculating peak usage and reducing loss of revenue.
Completely FREE! We've seen other software companies charging up to $2000/month for member apps. Our ClubLink App is completely free for you and your members!
Head to the 'contact us' page in the navigation bar, fill in the enquiry form or book in a time to speak to Glenn
We can get you started in as little as one working day, just complete the form on the right hand side and we'll get you started.
It doesn't cost anything to get you started. Account creation is free, training is free, importing your data is free.
Yes! We use industry-grade encryption throughout.
Yes, we support all of the major collection agencies which means that you can create and manage your Direct Debits (new and old) right within ClubManager. Easy.
ClubManager is pay as you go and is therefore a 1 month rolling contract.
We offer a range of packages at a range of costs, head to our 'prices' page to see which package suits you and how much it will cost you per month! The great thing about ClubManager is that using the software pays for itself!

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