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Quick Overview of ClubManager Software

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Every sporting club, health / fitness centre, yoga / pilates studio always has a lot of behind the scenes management. Having great coaches and players / members attracts a lot of administration as part of the operation that will include: marketing, memberships, accounting, social media, wages, IT updates and much more to operate the business.


Don’t take anything to chance select a software that gives you the most automation and integration of all your processes. Its about getting all those operational functions in sync to reduce costs and increase productivity and revenue. ClubManager makes this possible with one of the most innovative software packages in the world with 10 years of operational success. ClubManager can be scaled up or down with its functionality to meet any budget. With such integrations as SMS, Email, Social Media and Websites you always know your status at anytime in a matter of a few clicks.


Works with your existing set-up, no need to purchase expensive hardware.
Switching is easy and we can painlessly upgrade you from your current system.
Unlimited members and staff access means you don't have to worry about reaching a limit and no jump in costs.
ClubManager is award-winning and loved by business owners and their staff all over the World.
Low cost
Free to get started, then one fixed and low-cost monthly fee. No price hikes when you gain new members or add new staff.
ClubManager is easy to use and quick to set-up meaning you and your staff could be up-and-running by the end of the day.
Powerful features giving you everything you need to manage your business.
To get started, you could be up-and-running by the end of the day.
You'll wonder how you ever managed before.
Get Started.
The world leader for membership management software

Responsive support
We won't leave you hanging. Any questions just call or email our friendly support team.
Easy to use
No hassle for you and no hassle from your staff. ClubManager is easy to use and learn.
Feature rich
Grow your club with everything you need built-in and integrated.

We've been helping clubs grow for ten years. ClubManager is the low-cost, award-winning membership management system chosen by businesses throughout the World.



Low, fixed monthly fee - No set-up fees. - No hidden costs and regular functional additions this innovative software is an easy choice so try it out today.

Get started straight-away with no set-up fees, including training and importing your existing member data. The low monthly fee is fixed meaning that your costs won't suddenly go up when you start gaining new members, add new staff or use new computers / devices. There's definitely no need to buy any hardware.

Direct Debits your way - Billing company integration
There's no need to transfer your members and suffer the associated loss of income because ClubManager supports several major Direct Debit collection agencies. If you don't currently use a collection agency then we can introduce you to an agency with services to suit your requirements.

Use anywhere on any device at any time

Access your account on your Smartphone, Tablet or other computers wherever you are, whenever you like.
Find out more / get started Your Questions AnsweredUse anywhere on any device at any time

Effortlessy easy to use
ClubManager has been designed around how your business actually works, not how a software development company thinks you should work. This makes ClubManager easy for you and your staff to learn and use.

Full class / room booking and scheduling
You will love the fact that your members can use their smartphones or front-of-house kiosk to book themselves into your classes / events. Your staff will love how easy it is to use.

Branded to you

Your new ClubManager account is personalised to the look and feel of your business. All communication includes your name and look and feel and your account is branded to you meaning your customer has a seamless experience.
Find out more / get started Your Questions AnsweredBranded to you!

Full entry validation / access control

Maximise your income by monitoring attendance, increasing your retention, calculating peak usage and reducing loss of revenue.


Full marketing suite
Ridiculously powerful SMS, Email Marketing at the touch of a button along with full mail-merge for letters and forms throughout keeping you in touch with your prospects, active members and expired members.
Find out more / get started Your Questions AnsweredFull marketing suite
Power at your fingertips

With ClubManager you have a full suite KPIs so you know exactly how your business is performing, right up-to-the minute. With a full range of retention and marketing tools you have everythin you need to get members and keep members

Full ePOS solution
Full point-of-sale solution, either directly on-screen (as part of ClubManager) or on hardware tills. Link purchases with specific members to begin profiling your members' likes and therefore boosting your income per customer



Whether you are checking how many people
have booked
a class or changing your timetable
it is easily done on 
any device and easy to read.

 Whether you are managing on club / studio / centre or many branches you can monitor / update all of them through your dashboard. You can run multiple reports to view new enquiries, sleeping members, your accounts, marketing campaigns and so much more.


Looking for an End To End Business Solution just got a whole lot eaiser with ClubManager

ClubManager sign up alerts members automatically if their fees are not paid up to date and can lock them out if that is what you set up for non-financial people.

Checking the status of your members is so easy with other clicks to reveal more personal details when required.

Your POS cash register element allows you to process multiple transactions.

Integrated turnstile access is ideally set for 24/7 gym access with Paxton and other security companies keeping your business automated.

Access on Any Device so you can keep in touch with members from any where at any time.

Integrated - 2 Way SMS - makes life eaiser communicating to members and everything runs smoothly through your Dashboard

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